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About Us

Started as a family business back in 2009, Ark Farm has now grown to become of the leading mobile farms in the UK and only one of a handful covering the East Midlands & Home Counties region. Our central location North of Bedfordshire location puts us within easy reach of Schools throughout North London, Birmingham, Peterborough, Cambridge, Watford and Harrow for example.

Our mobile farm operation was set up to provide an educational rather than an entertainment service to schools and nurseries. The Management Team, with over 45 years teaching experience

between them, have ensured and will continue to ensure that our business remains focussed on this vital sector bringing an enjoyable educational experience direct to children in an easy, hassle free and very affordable way.

Spread over 10 acres, Ark Farm is classed as a large smallholding running between 80 and 100 head of livestock in the peak times of Spring and Summer. We manage a diverse range of farm animals from the very small Serama Chickens and Call Ducks up to Dexter Cattle and Ponies.

Most of our animals are now bred onto the farm and we plan our first births to arrive from late January right through until the end of May. This enables us to have plenty of healthy young stock available for visits during the Spring and Summer months which in turn allows us to operate a rotation policy allowing each animal to have a rest day between visits.

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